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The NSW Minister for Disability Services sensationally claimed sixteen times in budget estimates today that she has no interest in disability accessibility.

On sixteen occasions, Minister Natasha Maclaren-Jones denied that she had any responsibility for, or interest in, disability access on public trains and buses, in schools and hospitals, or any other public service; despite later admitting she was, in fact, the minister responsible for the State’s Disability Inclusion Act and the State’s whole-of-government Disability Inclusion Plan.

The Minister for Disability Services repeatedly refused to even talk about wheelchair accessibility at train stations, buses, schools, hospitals, police stations and public buildings – and claimed: “these are questions outside my portfolio.”

NSW Labor’s spokesperson for disability inclusion, Kate Washington, labelled the minister incapable and uncaring.

“Today, we had the sorry spectacle of the disability services minister refusing point-blank to talk about disability accessibility. Sixteen times. This is totally unacceptable, insensitive and she should apologise immediately," said Ms Washington.

“She is the fourth minister in three years, she doesn’t run any disability services, and now by her own admission, she’s not interested in disability accessibility issues. It begs the question - as a minister, what does she actually do?”

“Inclusive, accessible communities are important for millions of people in NSW, but apparently not for the minister responsible. Her entire attitude today say everything about this tired, twelve year old government.” DATE: TUESDAY 30 AUGUST 2022


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