Labor's Plans to Re-Regulate Electricity Prices Will Lower Costs & Help Local Families

Adam Searle MLC with Rev. Adam Cook

Kate Washington MP today welcomed Shadow Minister for Energy, Adam Searle, to Port Stephens to announce NSW Labor’s policy to re-regulate electricity prices and reduce power bills for local households and small businesses.

Mr Searle and Ms Washington met with Reverend Adam Cook from Food Way Medowie, a local charity providing hundreds of emergency food packages to Port Stephens families every week because of the rising cost of living and soaring electricity prices.

NSW Labor’s plans to re-regulate retail electricity prices and reduce power bills are in stark contrast to the Berejiklian Liberal Government’s policies of privatisation and deregulation. Under the Liberals, we have seen electricity prices rise 60 per cent since 2011, and a whopping 20 per cent since Ms Berejiklian became Premier less than two years ago.

While former Liberal Premier Mike Baird guaranteed that prices wouldn’t rise because of the Liberal Government’s privatisation of poles and wires, retail electricity prices have increased sharply since then.

The dramatic increase in local families accessing free food packages from Medowie Foodway, including many working families, illustrates the harsh reality of soaring electricity prices in Port Stephens.

While households and small businesses are suffering from higher and higher electricity prices, the Berejiklian Government continues to sit on its hands.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy, Adam Searle MLC

“For eight years, the Berejiklian Government has had just one energy policy – privatise and deregulate – which has caused skyrocketing prices for households and businesses.

“NSW Labor has committed to re-regulating retail electricity prices, but the Berejiklian Government has refused to do so.

“Residents in Port Stephens deserve a lot better than a Government obsessed with privatisation and focused on rebuilding Sydney stadiums – rather than easing cost of living pressure for families.”

Quotes attributable to Kate Washington MP

“Soaring electricity prices and the rising cost of living is having a real impact in Port Stephens. The increasing number of local families relying on food charities to survive shows just how bad this issue is.

“Only a Daley Labor Government will re-regulate the electricity market to bring power prices down.” Quotes attributable to Food Way Medowie’s Reverend Adam Cook

“Our service helps more than 1,300 local families to put food on the table. We give out 300-400 meals each and every week.

“I am really encouraged to hear of any initiative to reduce the cost of living for everyday Australians, and I would urge all sides of politics to make this a priority.

“We have noticed over the last two years in our food distribution program an increase of working couples coming to use our services. Where mums and dads both work, yet when they’ve finished paying the bills, there’s not enough money to buy food for the kids.

“Unless action is taken in this area, the poverty line in NSW and Australia will continue to grow. Electricity will no longer be a standard of living, it will be a luxury.”

This item was distributed as a media release on Wednesday 5 December 2018.

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