Impacts of Bobs Farm Sand Mine Releaved - Submissions Now Open

Port Stephens MP Kate Washington has encouraged local residents to make their voices heard on a proposed new sand mine in Bobs Farm, at the gateway to beautiful Port Stephens.

Bobs Farm residents have opposed the proposal since it was first raised in 2014, and continue to have numerous concerns about the impact of the proposed mine, including the threat it poses to the neighbouring Bobs Farm Public School.

As a small country school, Bobs Farm Public School is central to the community and recently celebrated 100 years of public education.

If approved, the sand mine would allow an additional 180 trucks a day onto Nelson Bay Road, which is already clogged in peak times.

According to consultants for developer, the proposal will involve:

- 180 more trucks each day moving on and off Nelson Bay Road - a maximum of 18 trucks every hour (one every three minutes) - the clearing of 36.1 hectares of land including ‘threatened species and feeding habitat’,  threatening the ongoing viability of Bobs Farm Public School  posing air quality issues including silica dust - sand being mined to 15 metres below the water table - a 24.5 hectare void/dam following extraction, and - the removal of 10 million tonnes of sand over 15 years from ancient sand dunes

Submissions about proposal are open until 1 February 2019. Submissions can be made online at or by mail to GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001.

Local residents have started a petition which can be found here:

Quotes attributable to Kate Washington MP

“The people of Port Stephens do not want another 180 trucks pouring onto Nelson Bay Road every day, or more habitat being destroyed, or more threats to the ground water and air quality.

“If we want to continue to attract tourists, we can’t have the gateway to Port Stephens becoming a mining corridor.

“I encourage as many residents as possible to make a submission to the Planning Department to voice your concerns about this proposal.

“If a sand mine in this location is capable of being approved, then there’s something seriously wrong with the planning system.”

This item was distributed as a media release on Thursday 29 November 2018.

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