Shadow Education Minister Launches Medowie High School Petition

Shadow Minister for Education, Jihad Dib, has joined with Port Stephens MP, Kate Washington, to launch a petition calling for the Berejiklian Government to build a public high school in Medowie.

Families in Medowie have been waiting for a public high school for decades. Many local mums and dads now campaigning for the school have clear memories of their own parents advocating for a public high school built in Medowie.

NSW Labor committed to build the high school in both the 2011 and 2015 elections, and has recommitted to the project if elected in 2019.

In contrast, the Liberal Party has refused to build the school since coming to government in 2011, despite publicly backing the project in opposition and promising to complete the necessary planning work in government.

In 2010, former Liberal MP for Port Stephens, Craig Baumann, labelled the need for a public high school “one of the most important issues in my electorate”. In 2011, former Liberal Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli, committed to making the school ‘shovel-ready’, however nothing has happened since.

The petition calls on the Liberal Government to ‘match Labor’s promise to build a public high school in Medowie so that, whoever is elected, the students and families of Medowie are the winners.’

Petitions are available across Medowie shops and businesses, including Medowie Pharmacy, Medowie Sports and Business Centre, The Pet Shed Medowie, Medowie Family Bakehouse and Café, Little Pantry Co., Noah’s Arc Vet, and Dowling Real Estate, and others.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib MP

“The Liberals promised to make this school ‘shovel ready’ but they haven’t. Labor has committed to building a public high school in Medowie, and we want the Berejiklian Government to do the same.

“Labor will prioritise local schools over Sydney stadiums every day. It’s a great example of the value that we, as Labor, place on education.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Port Stephens Kate Washington MP

“I have been fighting for a public high school in Medowie for years. “If Labor forms government in March next year, Medowie will get its long-awaited public high school. But I’ve launched this petition to show the Berejiklian Government how much support there is for this school.

“Everyone who wants to see a public high school in Medowie should sign this petition, and vote Labor in March next year.”

This item was distributed as a media release on Monday 12 December 2018.

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