Berejiklian Government Refuses to Ban PFAS

NSW Labor has slammed the Berejiklian Government’s refusal to ban toxic PFAS chemicals- despite the fact that other states already have.

Under questioning in Parliament by the Labor Opposition, Minister Upton said “this Government cannot ban PFAS.”

Per-and-poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are used in firefighting foam and are responsible for the contamination at Williamtown, impacting at least 750 homes. There are at least 25 sites in NSW affected by PFAS contamination including the Shoalhaven, Botany Bay; and Bathurst, Bankstown, Camden and Tamworth airport sites.

Shadow Environment Minister Penny Sharpe called on Minister Upton to give the community a clear explanation of why she would not ban PFAS given the serious health concerns that surround the use of this chemical.

Ms Sharpe said the Berejiklian Government can no longer refuse to take responsibility on the issue given both the Queensland and South Australian Governments have acted and PFAS has been banned in at least 171 countries.

Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for the Environment, Penny Sharpe

“Clearly banning PFAS can be done but Minister Upton doesn’t want to. She needs to explain why. NSW should be leading on this when again we’re left lagging behind.

“Minister Upton can’t continue to shirk responsibility to the Federal Government on PFAS contamination when the dangerous chemicals could- and should- be banned.

“There are at least 25 sites that we know of, that should be enough indication it is time to ban PFAS in NSW.”

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for the Hunter, Kate Washington

“Other Australian states have banned PFAS along with 171 other countries around the world. Why won’t the Minister ban these toxic chemicals in NSW?

“In Williamtown, the PFAS contamination has been a cloud over my community for almost 3 years now, and still this Minister refuses to act.”

This item was distributed as a media release on Wednesday 27 June 2018.


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