Who Hit the Brakes on Nelson Bay Road Funding?

Kate Washington with Shadow Roads Minister Jodi McKay

As holiday makers again hit traffic jams, the funding backflip for Nelson Bay Road has been put on the Parliament’s agenda with questions asked about who authorized the election commitment backflip.

Member for Port Stephens Kate Washington has lodged written questions in Parliament seeking answers about this broken promise.

Ministers have previously fobbed off questions about when the road upgrade, promised by Mike Baird in 2015, would be delivered.

It was only when Ms Washington used Freedom of Information powers to uncover documents that it was confirmed the project would not commence until 2021.

Kate Washington has submitted the following questions to the Roads Minister, who must provide a written response to the Parliament:

1. Who instructed the Department to delay the upgrade to Nelson Bay Road, which Premier Baird announced prior to the 2015 election?

2. Was then Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian or the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet notified of the decision?

3. Will the Government fulfil its election commitment and complete this road upgrade before the 2019 election?

The Berejiklian Government is addicted to secrecy, and was recently forced to hand over documents about Sydney stadiums spending that even some Cabinet Ministers had not seen.

Quotes attributable to Kate Washington MP

“The Premier needs to come clean about who authorised this election backflip and why.

“Locals and tourists have been through 4 Queens Birthday long weekends since this announcement, with no signs of progress.

“The new road was due for completion in March 2019. The Government should begin construction now.”

This item was distributed as a media release on Monday 11 June 2018.


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