Riding for the Disabled

The Riding for the Disabled Association at Raymond Terrace enables young people with a disability to experience the joy of horseriding.

When I visited last week it was obvious to me that the experience is not only about riding a horse but also about the confidence that comes with it, the physical and emotional wellbeing, and the social benefit of a regular shared experience with friends.

The service started in 1979 and, despite many challenges, the volunteers have developed the site and expanded the services that now support 180 children each week. I recognise President Janet Hudson and her committee.

I give special thanks to Carol Brown for taking the time to show me around. Carol has volunteered at Riding for the Disabled for the past 23 years. The huge smiles on the children's faces would not be possible without the hard work that many volunteers have put into the service over decades.

I thank them all for their contribution to the lives of children whose paths are not always filled with the joy I saw on their faces last week.


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