Decaying Demountables Linger in Hunter Schools

Records obtained under Freedom of Information have revealed that there are hundreds of demountable classrooms over 20 years old across the Hunter.

While Hunter students sit in decaying demountables, the Berejiklian Government insists on proceeding with its $2.3 billion stadium splurge for Sydney.

To make matters worse, the documents show that the Government spent almost $1 million carting demountables around the state over January, rather than spending that money on building new schools or permanent classrooms.

Maitland and Cessnock students are most likely to learn in decaying demountables, with over 60 of the moveable classrooms in each electorate.

Opposition Leader Luke Foley has committed a Labor Government to implement an unprecedented school building program, which would include diverting $300 million from stadium funding into air conditioning for schools.

The Government has claimed around 2,000 of these demountables across NSW have been refurbished since 2010, meaning almost half of them (2,031 demountables) are still in their 20+ year condition.

Quotes attributable to Kate Washington MP

“This Premier can find $2.3 Billion for stadiums in Sydney, but students in the Hunter are left to learn in decaying demountables.”

“The Hunter’s students deserve better than this.”

“This Government has the wrong priorities. We should be investing in schools before stadiums.”

“The Government tried to defend these figures by saying around half of the demountables have been renovated since 2010. Why are we upgrading demountables instead of building real schools?” This item was distributed as a media release on Tuesday 15 May 2018.


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