Statement: Cabbage Tree Road Sand Mine Approval

News of the Cabbage Tree Road sand mine being approved by the NSW Independent Planning Commission has been the final blow to families.

This week, families in the red-zone received a letter from the state’s Valuer General cutting another 15 per cent from the value of their homes. They were hit with a flawed health report from the Commonwealth Government that seemed to suggest PFAS was all of a sudden safe to consume. They were informed via a media release that the Turnbull Government has abruptly ruled out property buy backs. And now they’re getting a sand mine dumped over their back fence.

I’m heartbroken for these families and the torment they are being forced to endure.

Every level of government has prioritised money and limiting liability over the welfare of these families.

Their dire situation is entirely someone else’s fault. They could not predict or prevent the harrowing reality they now find themselves in.

First and foremost, I am focused on the wellbeing of the families affected. They are under immense strain, and they deserve more support.

The impact this is having on our community stretches far beyond the boundaries of the red-zone. Everyone I speak with is hurt by the layers of inaction we have seen over three years.

The Turnbull Government’s cruel announcement that properties contaminated by Defence will not be bought back must be reconsidered and reversed. Until then, residents will be trapped on contaminated properties, unable to sell and unable to move away.

The responsibility for this situation rests fairly and squarely at the Prime Minister’s feet. Until a change of government, only he can fix this mess. If he chooses not to, he is as pathetic as he is heartless. And my community will not forget.

This item was distributed as a Media Statement on Wednesday 9 May 2018.


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