Seaham Public School Parliament

The students elected to parliament at Seaham Public School would not feel out of place in this Chamber. The school parliament comes complete with a prime minister, governor general, opposition leader and speaker and even a serjeant-at-arms for unruly members.

Recently I was honoured to attend the opening of the school parliament. I congratulate the school parliament's Prime Minister Ash Wade and Opposition leader Charli Codrington and the many Ministers and shadow Ministers for the portfolios of sport and recreation, Josh Ferry and Joe Batchelor; technology, Travis Charlton and Marc Walker; education, Zac Tomkins and Luke Young; health, Alana Johnson and Clair Harding; student welfare, Tommy Melia and Dylan Salter; functions and finance, Isis Sullivan and Asha Collins; and environment, Ella Lucas and Bailee Lucas.

The team is ably assisted by Speaker Clare Moir. Other roles in the school parliament are filled by Max Leggett, Jye Auld, James Jacobs, Bridie Gillon, and Ben Moroney. I thank Principal Craig Partridge and the school staff for supporting such a terrific initiative.


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