Berejiklian Government's Poor Priorities

Although I cannot believe this Government would waste the time of the House on this motion, I am not surprised. Time and again this Government has proved that it has its priorities wrong. It is all about politics for Government members, not people.

By moving this motion it is blatantly clear that all Government members want is to gain votes in the electorates they never should have lost to Labor. The Government lost the Port Stephens electorate for good reason, and it will not be returned any time soon because the people in my community do not trust anything this Government does.

Every time I raise issues of importance in my community, the Government has a go at me but does nothing.

Every time I raise corruption in this House, the Government has a go at me but protects its mates.

Every time I raise the Williamtown contamination, where people are living in a cancer cluster, the Government has a go at me but does nothing.

Every time I raise the Government's promises that have been made to my community, it has a go at me but does nothing—a big zero.

It is blatantly obvious that the Government wants to win my electorate but is not prepared to do the work. In 2011, the Minister for Education stood in my electorate and promised the Medowie community that it would make a public high school in the area shovel ready. We have received nothing. Now our kids cannot even fit on the buses. If they are lucky enough to get on the bus they have to stand in the aisle or sit three to a seat.

In 2015, Premier Baird stood on Nelson Bay Road and committed that $70 million will be spent "to fully duplicate it all the way". We have received nothing. This Government has not delivered anything to my community.

Then in the lowest‑of‑low acts the Government sold off core koala habitat at Mambo Wetlands to a developer in an online auction for $250,000. It is the only place in the world where koalas walk from the wetlands onto the beach to lick the sand. There is no other place like it and this government is going to allow a developer to build a house on core koala habitat.

What is extraordinary is that even though our koalas are endangered, they cannot be listed as endangered because this Government changed the Act to make it impossible for the status of koalas to be changed from "threatened" to "endangered". This Government is failing to deliver to the environment and it is failing to deliver to my community every day.

Mr Stephen Bromhead: Point of order: My point of order is relevance. The member should be brought back to the leave of the motion. The motion is about the member for Port Stephens misleading the community.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Order! There is no point of order. This is a wideranging debate. The member for Port Stephens can continue.

Ms KATE WASHINGTON: This is about me delivering for my community. I will deliver every day and I will protect members of my community from members opposite any day. It is in their DNA to keep privatising everything, and my community will not trust them. Newcastle Buses is performing very well for the Government.

However, a girl told me that she stood on the side of the road crying because she could not catch a bus and as a result missed a mental health appointment. She had to catch three different buses and she had great difficulty finding them. What has the Government done to disability services in this State? It has privatised the lot; it has washed its hands of responsibility for the most vulnerable people in New South Wales.

What is the Government doing to disability advocacy services? It will leave people with disabilities high and dry because they will have no funded advocacy services after 1 June.

This Government is failing the most vulnerable people and my community. It would be great if members opposite started thinking about how they will deliver on some of their commitments and whether they will make people rather than stadiums their priority.


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