'The Gallery' Opening - Tea Gardens

The fantastic community of Tea Gardens Hawks Nest was recently on show once again.

The impressive community art group, Galleries in the Gardens, hosted the opening of its first dedicated art space, The Gallery, which sits off the beautiful riverfront. The gallery will house the artworks of members of the hardworking, talented art group and host classes on site.

I congratulate and thank the hardworking members of Galleries in the Gardens, particularly President Trevor Cook, Secretary and talented artist Cheryl Cook, Vice-President Ian Morphett, and publicity officer Colleen Macsween.

I also extend my thanks to Lee and Rob Anderson, whose generous gift to the group has given The Gallery a home. With such an enormous turnout on the opening night, and with The Gallery officially opened by Mark Tedeschi, SC, there are suggestions that it was the event of the year. But knowing the vitality of the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest community, I suspect that it is far too early in the year to be making that call.

I encourage everyone to visit Tea Gardens Hawks Nest, and particularly its latest attraction, The Gallery.


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