Recognising the Mambo-Wanda Wetlands Conservation Group

I recognise the enormous effort made over the Christmas break by the terrific Mambo-Wanda Wetlands Conservation Group.

The group spent the entire Christmas period—from the end of November until today—obtaining signatures for a petition to save the Mambo wetlands.

The petition is very simple: it asks the Government to buy back the Mambo wetlands because it sold it off last year.

Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter Scot MacDonald has described the sale as a mistake. Our community is asking the Government to fix that mistake.

This group has worked so hard it has obtained more than 13,000 signatures on the petition, which I have tabled today.

I look forward to the debate in Parliament to understand why this Government will not act to fix its mistake and return the Mambo-Wanda Wetlands to public hands.


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